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26137 viewsPolice said Steve McNair was found on the couch with four bullet wounds - three from a distance and one at point blank range. Investigators said Sahel Kazemi suffered one gunshot at point blank range on her temple. The gun was found under her body. She was on the floor between the couch and an ottoman.
19775 viewsA sketch of the back door of Steve McNair's Nashville condo. A team from NewsChannel 5 was able to go inside the condo after police processed the scene. (Image sketched by NewsChannel 5 Graphics Director Tammie Dodge)
22173 viewsA sketch of the living room inside Steve McNair's Nashville condo where the football star was shot. Police cut holes out of the wall where bullets went through to a neighboring condo. (Image sketched by NewsChannel 5 Graphics Director Tammie Dodge)
22476 viewsA sketch of the living room counter inside Steve McNair's Nashville condo where the football star was found shot. (Image sketched by NewsChannel 5 Graphics Director Tammie Dodge)
22237 viewsDiagram of the way Steve McNair’s condo looked after police finished processing the scene.
23761 viewsDiagram of the way the condo looked when Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi's bodies were found according to police.
13753 viewsNewsChannel 5 was the first television station to break into regular programming announcing that Steve McNair had been murdered.
13526 viewsSteve McNair was found murdered in the living room of the townhouse he rented (on the right) on 4th of July.
13739 viewsThe back of the townhouse (left) Steve McNair rented, which girlfriend Sahel Kazemi visited.
13914 viewsNewsChannel 5 Investigates obtained surveillance video from the lawyer's office next door that showed Sahel Kazemi's vehicle pulling up to the rented townhouse.
14130 viewsThe garage door to Steve McNair's two-story townhouse. Sahel Kazemi's vehicle was found parked in front of the townhouse, where she and McNair were found dead. McNair's death was ruled a homicide.
14635 viewsSteve McNair's fans flocked to his downtown rental and restaurant to pay their respects to the murdered former Titan.
15331 viewsMetro police officially classified Steve McNair's and Sahel Kazemi's relationship as romantic. The two often spent time in his rental townhouse. McNair met Kazemi at Dave & Busters, where the 20-year-old worked.
15624 viewsMetro police dusted the outside of the front-door to the two story townhouse that Steve McNair rented with Wayne Neeley. Neeley was the one who found the bodies.
15215 viewsSahel Kazemi's death has not been ruled a homicide or suicide. There are still a lot of unanswered questions.
16156 viewsOn July 6 police said Sahel Kazemi illegally bought a gun. Police have not said whether the gun found underneath the 20-year-old's dead body was the gun she bought just two days prior to her death.
17161 viewsOn 4th of July Steve McNair and his 20-year-old girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, were both found dead in McNair's townhouse rental.
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